Monday, August 6, 2012

~ Pool Party Prize Samples ~

Beach front property doesn't get any closer.

I'd like a tall glass of that please.

              This would  be a great spot to beat the heat.

A Lifeguard tower makes a cute house.                

who knew?

This set won't fret when you get wet.

This will guide those juicy rays to you.

                                hope those chains do break....

I'm not sure where she is staring but i'm getting dizzy.
I think they need a bat for those dragon flies.
There was a sunset? who knew...
Life of the party and dearly departed, neat.
Finally a pool let me get my speedo on. ....Wait... when did I get naked?

Beachus Maximus a deadly beach gladiator.
Bronzer move over the sun is free.
Skybox paradise minus the chance of sharks.
"Tiki time", is dinner ready yet.. I smell something good.
Get your tan on!... Wheres my Mai Tai?
Darn someone beat me to it....
I love sitting in marshmellows under a pancake.
Now if i can only get someone to lick me clean.
A hot tub is a great way to end a beach day.
These textures make me feel cooler already.
Looks like a great dinner spot.
I smell tri tip and pulled pork now.....
She better get in the pool fast that bikini looks hot.
Cant wait to tile up the pool area now with these.
This is going to haunt my dreams for a while.
I love the intellectual type they have cute buns.

She looks like an amazon, nice.

Beach attire...  check.    
mini-me beach attire....double check.

Watch out for volleyballs, they migrate to dots

I think ill go topless too...

Nothing like dipping in the pool on a hot day.

Beat the heat in style!

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