Monday, August 6, 2012

~ Pool Party Prize Samples ~

Beach front property doesn't get any closer.

I'd like a tall glass of that please.

              This would  be a great spot to beat the heat.

A Lifeguard tower makes a cute house.                

who knew?

This set won't fret when you get wet.

This will guide those juicy rays to you.

                                hope those chains do break....

I'm not sure where she is staring but i'm getting dizzy.
I think they need a bat for those dragon flies.
There was a sunset? who knew...
Life of the party and dearly departed, neat.
Finally a pool let me get my speedo on. ....Wait... when did I get naked?

Beachus Maximus a deadly beach gladiator.
Bronzer move over the sun is free.
Skybox paradise minus the chance of sharks.
"Tiki time", is dinner ready yet.. I smell something good.
Get your tan on!... Wheres my Mai Tai?
Darn someone beat me to it....
I love sitting in marshmellows under a pancake.
Now if i can only get someone to lick me clean.
A hot tub is a great way to end a beach day.
These textures make me feel cooler already.
Looks like a great dinner spot.
I smell tri tip and pulled pork now.....
She better get in the pool fast that bikini looks hot.
Cant wait to tile up the pool area now with these.
This is going to haunt my dreams for a while.
I love the intellectual type they have cute buns.

She looks like an amazon, nice.

Beach attire...  check.    
mini-me beach attire....double check.

Watch out for volleyballs, they migrate to dots

I think ill go topless too...

Nothing like dipping in the pool on a hot day.

Beat the heat in style!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pool Party Hunt!

Stores that are VERIFIED! have passed our walk-through and for sure have the hunt prim, and prize hidden somewhere.  If the store is not VERIFIED! and has a  ?   that means that most likely, it's not ready for the hunt. But there is a chance they are now ready, so hunt there at your own risk.  We make every effort to make sure the stores are ready, and have VERIFIED! the ones that are for your convenience. Please click the store name for the direct Surl! You can also obtain an "All Locations Notecard" from the starting point at Nocturnal Needs and from the group Nocturnal Hunts. 

1. Nocturnal Needs: You can swim or you can fish, but you've never won a trophy like this! VERIFIED!

2. Gallimaufry Stores: If you want this prize you have to Urn it :O) VERIFIED!

3. Parkins Textures: You wouldn't put these on the barbecue, they are too pretty! VERIFIED!

4. [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS: It has water like a pool, but you'll have to swim much longer to reach the other side. You know what it is? Well, now you must only find an image of it and the price is yours. VERIFIED!

5. SWAK DeSIGNS:  I Stand 4 Love, do you? VERIFIED!

6. .::KD::.Karamelis Designs: I'm rebel. VERIFIED!

7. .::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS: Come and find me between the beautiful Bridal Veils. VERIFIED!

8. *~Crush Boutique~*: Good Ole' American! VERIFIED!

9. Aphrodite Shop: Lets have a piece of cake before starting hunting! VERIFIED!


11. Life of Me: This little frog would love to swim in the pool with you! VERIFIED!

12. PePU: Let’s go to NEW Ninive VERIFIED!

13. Tempted Tattoos and Couture: Grace is looking after it for you.  VERIFIED!

14. .:FallenDreams Inc:.: The skys the limit VERIFIED!

15. PeKaS Designs: look around the MM boards VERIFIED!

16. Grim Death Co:  (Hint giver in store) What do you desperately need the day after a pool party? VERIFIED!

17. bacidalucia village:  the water lillies can tell you! VERIFIED!

18. Rosengarten:  I bet that you get tired and want to rest on this hammock on the beach - good to know that you will be very close to your gift VERIFIED!

19. Bound & Bitten: See multi-hint giver at store. (Let's party pucker up baby!) VERIFIED!

20. Carriage Trade Miniature:  I feel so RUFFLED! VERIFIED!

21. IB Designs: Just a floating :P (Also have hint giver at landing Big Yellow Butterfly) VERIFIED!

22. ROYAL THAI GALLERY 1.  WOW, white water rafting!  Go to the top, ride the boat down, and then look around. Find the inner tube that holds the final hint. Don't despair or give up! The prize is worth the work.
         2. Follow the stream to the main gallery's Door Hall; look carefully at them all to find the Inner Tube. VERIFIED!

23. DemotiK:   How'd I get way up here!?! VERIFIED!

24. Electric: Pool Parties are such a BREEZE! VERIFIED!

25. Silk Dreams: Please check the hint giver on the hunt sign in the store. (Is this bikini really made of pearls?) VERIFIED!

26. Nekolicious: Why not play her a little song while you hunt, you never know it might help you find it. VERIFIED!

27. Serenity Fashion: find the sweets and have some gifts VERIFIED!

28. The Caproni Style: Tigerlily can help you find the gift VERIFIED!

29. ChiNeko: Look outside and see a beautiful summer day, then grab your stuff and head to the beach! VERIFIED!

30. Bella's Designs: We all have to learn somewhere and a wading pool is safer than the ocean. VERIFIED!

31. Envyme Clothes: Walk Walk Each Step Count... Turn  Left.... You see something  VERIFIED!

32: Envyme Skin: You Look Pretty... In blue too....!  VERIFIED!

33. MonkeyShine: Dont look up! VERIFIED!

34. Club Staff University: You always spend too much of THIS in the Summer, VERIFIED!

35. Amped Up Gestures: Up the ramp looks like fun. VERIFIED!

36. Viperlicious: a time for changing.  VERIFIED!  

37. Grumble: Make a splash, but watch out for the birds! VERIFIED!

38. Dolome Designs: Drinks Anyone? VERIFIED!

39: :MeSH:iT:  Try it before you buy it! VERIFIED!

40: **VIVID AVS**:  Your eyes are the window to my soul. VERIFIED!

41: J&A FASHION: blue as the sea VERIFIED!

42: blah.BLAH.blah: I can do rings around your swimming skills  VERIFIED!


44: Phoebe ~ Piercings & more ~See hint giver at mainstore entrance (Belly Piercings) VERIFIED!

45: Pixel Snobs: SUMMER time is all about pool parties, summer dresses, and hot boys. VERIFIED!

46: AmberMyst Botanical Designs: You can feed the Ducks, you can even feed the Swans... But feed the seagulls to get this prize! VERIFIED!

47: xKorruptedx: Caution. VERIFIED!

48: [VoiD]: To dive from a *board* you must climb up high, steady your balance and look with your eyes. VERIFIED!

49: Faboo: V is for victory, but don't break your neck achieving it. VERIFIED!

50: Incendia Outdoors: Hint at Landing point next to hunt sign. ( I love siting around a cozy campfire with the wind blowing the grass) VERIFIED!

51: X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONSThe party is going full blast,
Look over there if you need to find a BATHROOM fast.
We've hidden a surprise,
Check out the FINE PORCELAIN WHITE TOILET and you will find your prize. VERIFIED!

52: Julee's Creations: What's a pool party without a great diving board? VERIFIED!

53: ~Please Skip ~ Store Has Closed~

54: Dani's: I love sin, the blacker the better. VERIFIED!

55: Anarya Design: This mania ends at midnight. VERIFIED!

56: kat skratch fever:  I could really use a drink. VERIFIED!

57: Barely Legal Couture: Basking in the Spotlight VERIFIED!

58: Always EclecticHead up hill if you want frozen water and penguins. Go back in summer to find your prize. VERIFIED!

59: VERO MODERO: is it just me or the sun is heading towards Eden? VERIFIED!

60: Kabuki Creations: Dont get wet looking for me (upper floor) VERIFIED!

(The Next 3 Stores are in the Same Location. Search Each Store There for Their Prizes)

61: Destiny's Designs: Spending the summer on the Isles is where I want to be. VERIFIED!

62: Suki's Silken Fashions: Im floating down the Egyptian waters..letting the currents take me away.. VERIFIED!

63: Ziva's Underground Footware: You'll look like a diva wearing these China flats in red. VERIFIED!

64: FlufferNutterz:  On the Stairway to Heaven, well for nekos.

65: []: I occasionally find myself losing things down the back of the sofa. VERIFIED!

66: Nocturnal Group Land:  Over the Falls, Into the cave: Maybe the Dragon Nose Where Your Prize Is? VERIFIED!

~HUNT RUNS AUG 1 - 31st 2012~

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pool Party!

Nocturnal Hunts Presents: POOL PARTY! hunt.  Aug 1 - 31st.

This theme is the end of summer Pool Party! Anything from swimsuits, summer games, beach or swimming themed, party themes, and other summer activities!

If you are a merchant, and would like to be part of this event, please create a Note-card.

Title: [NH] PPH: (Your Name/Store Name)

Your SL Name:

SL Store Name:

Mainstore Surl:

Mainstore Landmark:

Your Store Group KEY: 

Join the group as soon as you apply: COPY THIS IN LOCAL CHAT: secondlife:///app/group/a87bffbc-9ec8-7d7f-93d8-0934e49fa257/about

If you do not hear from me or my staff in 48 Hours, please send an IM and Notecard. Thank you!

Christine Fearne
Owner - Nocturnal Hunts

Nocturnal Hunts is constantly learning and improving our services.  During this hunt, we will allow merchants now to advertise their products DURING the event. (Limit to 1 Notice per merchant per day please).  We have also opened enrollment for hunters, without limits.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Rosen Diavolo, Christine Fearne, or Mai Taurus.

Thank you!